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Courtney Love on Radiohead


NME has an interview with Courtney Love. She mentioned Radiohead and OK Computer a couple of times in the interview, but then she was asked this question...

Are The Strokes really saviours? You seem obsessed...
Courtney Love: "I'm going to pretend they are until it comes true. The Little Engine That Could. 'I think they can, I think they can'. If their follow-up sucks I am so dead. I have bet the farm on them and damn I hope they pull through. I spent three hours on the phone with a radio station program director, banging his head until he finally admitted that he fucking hated Limp Bizkit, but that it was Radiohead's fault, not his. Okay I'm going to say it and all of Britain will hate my guts, but Radiohead! Fuck 'em for not bailing us out of this bullshit. OK, Thom, yes, yes, we admit it. We wrote off 'Creep' as a pretty good song in the wake of Nirvana, yes we did it, we did it, we all did it. We didn't rate you for the genius you are. We are at fault! We didn't recognise your genius until it was too late but do you have to make us feel your pain? Can I show you the shit people say about me every day? Why? Why promise me salvation with 'The Bends'? Why promise me salvation with 'OK Computer' and then leave me? Leave me and my entire generation and, even worse, the generation underneath me with a fucking single-note Moog? 'Kid A' was number one in this country 'cos a bunch of little kids heard their older brothers and sisters saying 'Bizkit?'s wack, Radiohead rules" and so they ran out and bought 'Kid A' and now they will never trust us again. How could you take one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock'n'roll and not let him play? Fine, you satisfied yourself and you left us with Fred. Thanks. Thanks, buddy. I know those nice musty rooms in Oxford have really cool 16th-century books that American trash like me couldn't dream of understanding but could you write a fucking rock song that slays me? Yorke, you must come through for us, I'm begging you, I'm on my knees, please, please, please! Hey, I like Korn though. I liked At The Drive-In before we lost them. And System Of A Down and Rage Against The Machine. I like man music for man people. But the little girls, they need something too. Something they don't have now and they gotta like something."


David Gilmour on Radiohead


This is what Pink Floyd?s guitarist David Gilmour said about radiohead in a recent interview:

"When people say they hear Pink Floyd in a group like Radiohead, I don't really see it," he says. "It must be a burden for those poor boys being referred to as the next Pink Floyd -- they deserve to be their own Radiohead. I think we've always stood out in our own category. I wasn't a big fan of most of what you'd call progressive rock. I'm like Groucho Marx: I don't want to belong to any club that would have me for a member. We've always plowed our own lonely furrow. Well, not so lonely, really," he admits with a laugh. "It's been well worthwhile."


Everything it's right place in Vanilla Sky


Everything in it's right place' will be the opening track of the soon (December 14th) to be released movie 'Vanilla Sky'. There are probably more Radiohead songs in the movie, but 'Everything in it's right place' is the only Radiohead song on the soundtrack.

While digging up the archives, I found this quote by Penelope Cruz, actress in 'Vanilla Sky'... When she talks about her current favourite CD for example, Kid A by Radiohead, I swear she almost starts to cry. "When I figured out the lyrics in that first song - you know the one I mean about waking up sucking a lemon? It just hurt me so much. I don't know what happened to the guy who wrote that song but I was going through a difficult time in my life at the time when I heard it, and now," she solemnly crosses the fingers of both hands and twists her wrists, "I have something like a bond with that record. I am obsessed with it." The idea that there are some people for whom neither music nor animals play any part appals her.

A lot of Radiohead shows are coming up this month at MTV2 (radiohead collection), BBC America (Later with Jools Holland), Much Music USA (kid a/amnesiac in paris), TRIO (Paris Concert for AI) & Comedy Central (Saturday Night Live). Check the calendar for dates and times.


Голосование за лучший альбом Radiohead


Сегодня были подведены результаты голосования за лучший альбом Radiohead, которое проводилось на этом сайте. Подробнее здесь


Radiohead crowned world's best act


Radiohead, famed for their distinctive brand of haunting rock, are officially the best band in the world, according to this year's annual Q Awards. The Oxford-based band beat off competition from the likes of the Stereophonics, Manic Street Preachers and last year's winners Travis. Radiohead, who have achieved the difficult task of breaking the US market, were voted favourites by the readers of music magazine Q


Radiohead videos in MTV Top 100


Today, MTV UK broadcast the Top 100 Best Music Videos Of All Time on and Radiohead had two videos in it: "Street Spirit" at no. 78 and "Just" at no. 31.The number one video in the list was Fatboy Slim's "Praise You". Thom Yorke also featured in a program about MTV Europe Music Awards' 'Free Your Mind' award


Radiohead nominated at Q awards


Radiohead are nominated in two categories for this year's Q Magazine Awards. They will be competing against U2, REM, Stereophonics, Travis and Manic Street Preachers to claim the title 'Best Act In The World Today'.
They are also nominated in the 'Best Album' category with 'Amnesiac'. Also nominated are: PJ Harvey - 'Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea', U2 - 'All That You Can't Leave Behind', Travis - 'The Invisible Band', Muse - 'Origin Of Symmetry' and Stereophonics - 'Just
Enough Education To Perform'. Nigel Godrich is also nominated for Best Producer categorie for his work on Amnesiac and The Invisible Band. Cast your vote at


Radiohead To Release Live Album


Radiohead will release a live album, "I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings," through Capitol on Nov. 13, a label spokesperson confirms. Recorded in Norway, Germany, France, and the U.K. during the band's 2001 world tour, the yet-to-be-titled, eight-song concert disc will feature the previously unreleased track "True Love Waits."
The tune actually dates back to writing sessions for Radiohead's 1997 studio album, "OK Computer," and was frequently played solo by frontman Thom Yorke at recent shows. While all of the tracks were hand-picked by the band from select dates of the trek, there are no plans to list dates or venues.
Here's the track sequence for the set, which will be sold as a full-length CD: "The National Anthem," "I Might Be Wrong," "Morning Bell," "Like Spinning Plates," "Idioteque," "Everything In Its Right Place," "Dollars and Cents," and "True Love Waits."
Radiohead begins a five-date Japanese tour Saturday (Sept. 29) in Osaka.


Фестиваль "Glastonbury"


Radiohead уверены, что выступят на фестивале Glastonbury в следующем году, по словам организатора Майкла Эвиса. Выражая на ежегодном фестивале в Пилтоне в пятницу, 31 августа, свое сердечное "спасибо" местным жителям за поддержку, взволнованный Эвис сказал: "У нас есть только один или два участника, остальные же стоят в очереди чтобы выступать у нас. Я старый поклонник Radiohead, поэтому я хотел бы видеть их как участников в следующем году. Coldplay тоже будут играть. У них есть очень существенные основания на это...".


Выступление Radiohead в Белфасте, Ирландия


PRODIGYПодтверждено второе выступление Radiohead в Белфасте. Теперь группа будет играть на "Одиссей Арена" и 15 сентября, кроме выступления 14-го.
Как все уже знают, классический вариант "tribute" (англ. - дань, должное) альбома OK Computer (Radiohead) будет выпущен 23 октября. Уже появился вариант песни Let Down в исполнении Струнного Квартета.


Hole In The Ice


Нэйл Финн подтвердил детали нового сингла "Hole In The Ice". Трэк, который выйдет 10 сентября, состоит из некоторых вещей его текущего альбома "One Nil". Бонус трэк к синглу - "живые" песни, две из которых Try Whistling This' и 'Distant Sun' были записаны в Театре Св. Джеймса в Оакленде, где группа Финна выступала с Джонни Маром, Эдом О'Брайаном и Филом Сэлвей из Radiohead на гитаре и ударных.


Radiohead в журнале "Samsonic"


В последнем номере голландского журнала 'Samsonic' вышло интервью Тома Йорка. Кроме интервью в статье можно найти несколько высказываний знаменитых звезд о Radiohead.
Вот некоторые из них:
Liam Gallagher: "Radiohead? Скучная группка долбаных студентов. Я набью их гребаные головы, черт, потому что они члены".
Mark Linkous: "Том Йорк лучше всех целется по французски"
Brad Pitt: "Radiohead - это Kafka и Samuel Beckett нашего поколения. Они гении и просто приятные люди".


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