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radiohead - discography


CDpablohoney.gif (21060 bytes)Pablo Honey
LP/CD/Tape, UK, 22-02-1993

you, creep, how do you?, stop whispering, thinking about you, anyone can play guitar, ripcord, vegetable, prove yourself, i can't, lurgee, blow out

CDthebends.gif (18489 bytes)The Bends
CD, 2LP & MD, 13-03-1995

planet telex, the bends, high & dry, fake plastic trees, bones, nice dream, just, my iron lung,
bullet proof..i wish i was, black star, sulk, street spirit [fade out]

CDokcomputer.gif (14956 bytes)OK Computer
CD, 2LP & MD, 16-06-1997

airbag, paranoid android, subterranean homesick alien, exit music (for a film),  let down, karma police, fitter happier, electioneering, climbing up the walls, no surprises, lucky, the tourist

CDkida.gif (20125 bytes)Kid A
CD/Tape/MiniDisc, CD включает 28-ми страничный буклет
27-09-2000 (japan)

02-10-2000 (europe)
03-10-2000 (usa/canada)

everything in its right place, kid a, the national anthem, how to disappear..., treefingers, optimistic,
in limbo, idioteque, morning bell, motion picture soundtrack, hidden instrumental track

CDamnesiac.jpg (7043 bytes)Amnesiac
CD, Lim. Edit. CD, MD, 2lp VINYL
02-06-01: Europe (Netherlands, Belgium)
04-06-01: Europe, Australia (EMI/Parlophone)
05-06-01: North America (Capitol)

packt like sardines in a crushd tin box, pyramid song, pulk/pull revolving doors, you and whose army?, i might be wrong, knives out, amnesiac/morning bell, dollars & cents, hunting bears, like spinning plates, life in a glass house

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