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everclear - discography


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Produced by A.P. Alexakis
Recorded Winter/Spring '93 @ Karl's basement in S.E. Portland
Engineered & Mixed by A.P. Alexakis & K. Brummer
All words by A.P. Alexakis / All music Everclear
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Tower Mastering - Capitol Records
Cover idea by Art A. with help from Mark, Thor, and Mike L.
Road Manager & Crew Extraordinaire - Rob Cunningham
Design & Layout - Mike Locke
All Photography - Mark Trunz except live photo by Mark Rosenblatt
Model - Hannah Mirren
Manager - Darren Lewis


CDsparkle.jpg (7665 bytes) Produced by A.P. Alexakis
Mixed by Brian Malouf
Recorded by Michael Douglass
Co-production: Brian Malouf & Michael Douglass
Recorded 9/94
Cover design concept: A.P. Alexakis
Graphic design & layout: Steven Birch @ Servo, Portland, OR
Band photography: Marc Trunz
Live photo: Debbie Desentes
Management: Darren Lewis
A & R: Perry Watts-Russell
Booking Worldwide: Pinnacle Entertainment
Booking Europe: Wasted Talent
Tour manager: Sean Tichenor
Sound Boy: Mike Kent


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produced by A.P. Alexakis
mixed by andy wallace
recorded by neal avron
co-production: neal avron
executive producer: perry watts-russell
additional production assistance: lars fox, greg eklund, craig montoya, jim rondinelli

mastered by bob ludwig at gateway in portland 
basic track recording for songs 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11 & 13: jim rondinelli mixing of songs 8, 11 & 13
all songs mixed may/june '97 at saylor sound recording, hollywood, assisted by ian blanch
management: darren lewis at revolver
business management: david weise at gudvi, chapnick and oppenheim
agency: john dittmar at pinnacle
agency/europe: mike greek at wasted talent
a&r: perry watts-russell
management coordinator: erica freed
a&r coordinator: julie jacobs


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produced by A.P. Alexakis
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