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coldplay - discography


CDsafety.gif (6884 bytes)Safety EP
bigger stronger, no more keeping my feet on the ground, such a rush
May 1998, 500 копий

CDbros&sisters.gif (7520 bytes)Brothers & Sisters
brothers & sisters, easy to please, only superstition
May 1999, [Fierce Panda], 500 копий

CDblueroom.gif (6225 bytes)The Blue Room EP
bigger stronger, don't panic, see you soon, high speed, such a rush
October 1999, [Parlophone], 5000 копий

CDshiver.gif (9894 bytes)Shiver
shiver, for you, careful where you stand
6 марта 2000, [Parlophone], [7", CD]

CDyellow.gif (5426 bytes)Yellow
yellow, no more keeping my feet [CD], help is round the corner
26 июня 2000, [Parlophone], [7", CD]

CDparachutes.gif (2469 bytes)Parachutes
don't panic, shiver, sparks, yellow, trouble, highspeed, we never change, everything's not lost
10 июля 2000, [Parlophone], CD

CDtrouble.gif (5303 bytes)Trouble
23 октября





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